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Atlanta Roofing - Dealing with the Extra Challenges of the Deep South

The south - especially Atlanta - is well known for its steamy, often very damp, climate and this kind of weather can pose extra challenges for both homeowners and local Atlanta roofing contractors. The more humidity and rain there is present, the higher the chances that a roof will spring a leak or worse if not properly maintained.

Wherever a home is located in the country, its roof probably deserves more attention than it actually gets, since most homeowners understandably give little thought to such things until disaster actually does strike. Thanks to the warm and humid nature of the Southeastern climate, Atlanta roofing structures are often more vulnerable than those located in most other parts of the country. Not only is there more moisture around to cause problems, but moisture loving algae are commonly found on the roofs of Atlanta homes as well and that pesky stuff can cause all kinds of problems.

Over the last half of 2009 and into 2010 most of North Georgia, including Atlanta, experienced heavier than usual rainfall and Atlanta roofing contractors began to get more calls from people who were alarmed to see their roofs were quite literally turning green. The green was mold and algae, worsened by the extra moisture. Newer homes in the area are typically built with algae resistant shingles, but that is not always the case for more established buildings.

Algae and mold can be very tricky stuff to remove from a roof. In the long run, how much damage it does to the structure of the roof varies wildly, but just the fact that it looks rather ugly can really pull down a house's all important curb appeal.

Some DIY experts suggest power washing an afflicted roof with a water and bleach solution to alleviate the problem. According to the professionals though, this is only a temporary fix - and great care must be taken when power washing a roof, as the high-pressure jet can easily loosen shingles or even rip them off altogether, leading to an even bigger roofing problem.

Rather than wait for the worst to happen, a more sensible course of action for the Atlanta homeowner to take is to find a reputable Atlanta roofing company to come out and do a preventative roof inspection, so that any small problems can be taken care of before they have a chance to cause serious roofing headaches. This is especially true if the home is an older one.

When looking for good Atlanta roofing contractors, homeowners do need to take the time to do a little homework. Picking a company simply because they have the splashiest ad in the newspaper or are the first roofing company listed in the Yellow Pages is not always a good idea. Go online and obtain at least one or two referrals to local Atlanta roofing companies and then actually take a few minutes to talk to each of them about the work they do, how long they have been doing it and what references they can offer you.

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