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Before You Hire a Roofer
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It is very important to get skilled roofing contractors to work on your roof because it is your home's first defense against the elements. It is also important to get licensed and insured roofers because it is the most dangerous trade due to the heights involved. We at take this seriously. Therefore we recommend strongly that you, as a homeowner, follow some basic DO'S and DO NOT'S before hiring a roofing contractor. These are important steps whether you hire a contractor through our site or by any other means.
DO'S and DO NOT'S for Hiring a Roofing Contractor :
  • As recommended by the Federal Trade Commission, check out each roofing contractor with your State, County or City Government Consumer Protection Offices.
  • Make sure you get the full name, address, and license number of every roofing company that gives you an estimate.
  • Get your roofing estimates in writing! These quotes should be based on the exact same specifications.
  • Get all warranties, promises and guarantees in writing! Including product warranties for the materials used on your roof.
  • Should any oral agreements be made after the contract is written, amend the contract to include these.
  • Find out how the Roofing contractor handles problems and callbacks.
  • Find out if the contractor will be getting any needed roofing or re-roofing permits.
  • Establish dates for the start and completion of your roofing project. These dates should be written into the contract with agreed upon penalties for not meeting them.Have the roofing contractor or company supply customer references. Take the time to check these references!Ask the contractor for his current insurance certificates, both Worker's Compensation and Liability. In many cases, this information is written right on the quote.Have your roofing company give you the names and license numbers of any sub-contractors. Find out if they are bondable.Ask how long the company has been in business. If you dealing with a newer company, referrals become that much more important.
  • Have a final inspection done by the city for any structural work. Pay the final balance for the work once the structural work passes inspection.
  • Do not pay deposits upfront before any work is done. A reputable roofing company should be able to carry the price of your materials. In fact, most contractors have a line of credit with their building suppliers.
  • Do not pay for work incomplete work. Only pay for finished work.
  • Do not pay for work that you are not satisfied with. You can maintain control over your roofing project through the controlled release of payments. Most difficulties can be overcome through this measure. Pay when the work is done to your satisfaction.
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Always report suspicious contractor behavior to and to the Better Business Bureau.
While this may seem like a lot of information to ask your roofing contractors for, they should be used to giving this same information to all their clients. Professional roofing companies will not only be happy to oblige, but they will likely have an established system for providing this important information.
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